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Come With Me As I Share My 15+ Years Of Internet Marketing Experience With You, And Save You The $50,000+ I Spent On Courses, Seminars, Tools, Workshops and Coaches.

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Kevin Mask
A.K.A. “The Truth 2 X4”
Ad Copy Guy / Internet Marketing Geek

If You Haven't Found A Money Making System That Works...

To Make ANY Program Or Opportunity Work!

Internet Marketing

Changing Lives & Life Styles, One Student At A Time

Join the growing self-schooling revolution taking place right now!

By 2023,  $320,000,000,000 (Billion!) will be spent for online education. Now is the time to position yourself for this growing wave of income… Learn to sell knowledge (even if you don't think you have any!). This course is the foundation for selling knowledge.

Travis Shain
San Diego, CA

Michelle Brone
Park City, UT

Kevin Osetta
Ventura, CA

Jody Cain
Kingston, PA

I Want This!!


I already Know This Is True!

Why Are You Broke?

What if you knew how to make money online for real... no hype?

I can't answer that for you, but I can tell you why MOST people are broke and cannot make money online…

The bottom line is that you make money buy selling things that either you make (physical or digital) or that someone else makes (physical or digital) and you create traffic so that people can see what your selling.

If you buy traffic, i.e., Facebook, Google, Instagram, Solo Ads…etc… you want to spend less money on ads than you receive for your products. And if they are physical products you want to make enough not only to cover ads, but to cover the cost of the product, including (creation, storage, shipping, package design..etc.)

If you don't buy traffic then you want to make sure your cost for links, cost for content, cost for SEO services….etc. is less than you receive (as stated above).

No matter how you go about it… The #1 Thing people do wrong is they do NOT build their base of knowledge. They do not understand or comprehend the fundamentals.

So the run off this way, then that way, the the other way and back around again to start all over. Hoping they hit the internet marketing or online marketing lotto jackpot.

Do people hit the internet marketing jackpot? Absolutely and just about as often.

So if you're strategy is to buy the “Magic System” or “Guaranteed Whatever”, you're odds are about as good as buying a lotto ticket.

I know because I spent over  $50,000+  on courses, seminars, tools, workshops and coaches and didn't start making any real money until I was able to understand The Big Picture… Until I could put it all together.

That's why I created StartUP Internet Marketing… and I'll talk about it later.

But right now, you're probably wondering who I am and why you should believe a word I am saying…

How do I know what I'm talking about?

That's another great question and the short answer is I've been at this for most of my adult life. Every company I ever worked for before I went on my own, no matter where I started, they ended up putting me in charge of marketing.

I wrote a silly little diet book in 2005 (about 12 pages) and sold it for $9.99 and made over $1500/a week … that was my FIRST product… Since then I've done Amazon FBA (having products made in China), I've done Affiliate Marketing (made $10,000 with one link in one place!) … I don't want to ramble on… I sound like a ego maniac! I made over $100,000 for one contract ( 7 pages ) of writing ad copy for an MLM company…

Ok, Ok, enough… I can show you how it works and how to avoid mistakes that are sure to come if you don't understand this game!

If you aren't sure, you don't have to take my word for it. 

Listen to what others say about me:

"I've known some pretty big players in many industries because of my connections and you (Kevin) are one of the most knowledgeable players I know in the online marketing world. Your courses are to-the-point and super informative. This course is gold."
Travis Wojcik
Actor / Fitness Model
"I've known Kevin for almost 25 years and he has been a marketing maniac since day No. 1 ! I trust his knowledge so much that I sent my wife to take his courses when she said she wanted to learn internet marketing. His perfectionism is to the benefit of all who he teaches."
Paul Pietrucioli
Flooring Rep.

So how can you help ME?

Well, first of all, if I'm going to be true to my nick name, “The Truth 2X4”, I'm going to be straight with you… I can't help you if you aren't ready for help.

As unfortunate as that is, until you are ready to make it.. you can't.

When you first start out, you don't know what you don't know and that is costly at the very least and dream killing at the very worst.

If you ARE ready to be helped, then I can help you for sure.

Here's the deal.  PAY ATTENTION!!!




You MUST get this knowledge and as of this date.., there is NO program out there for under $1,000 that teaches this stuff. How it all fits together… the stuff you NEED to know to make ANY program work.

Let me put it this way:

  • You want the dream life (#dreamlife),
  • You want to be rid of normal income worries…
  • You want the new car whenever you feel like it….
  • You want the vacations…
  • You want to work for yourself…
  • You want to wake up whenever you please…
  • You want to wear whatever you please…
  • Your want to do what you want, when you want, with who you want…
  • You want to help whomever you want…

You Want FREEDOM! And Resources (Money).

It's what we all want and internet marketing can certainly provide you with more income than you can reasonably use in your lifetime…unless you count helping others and then there is really never enough.

YOU know all the stuff you want and YOU know why you want it

If you really want it, you ABSOLUTELY CAN HAVE IT.. But you NEED the fundamental knowledge so you can ACTUALLY USE the information in my courses or ANY OTHER courses.

So, if you want the #dreamlife and you're ready to learn… I've created a course that lays the foundation for any other course you take. It will literally make almost any other course you take “work” because LACK of the fundamentals is what causes those other programs and systems to “fail” you.

What does this mean for you?

Well, picture this…

You take my course or any other and instead of feeling frustrated because you cannot figure out how to implement what you just learned… You feel energized and ready to “make it happen” because NOW you have an internet marketing pro's understanding, you see how it all works together (and let me tell you… that is HUGE!).

Basically, you look in the mirror and see a new person. One that is supremely confident and with good reason…you just uploaded 10 years worth of trial and error, struggle and success right into your brain and everything you look at changes.

Even reading an advertisement for a course, you look at  it with the mind of an internet marketing pro, so nothing slips by you. You, in a second, immediately understand what the course can do for you, how you can use it for your own purposes, and have ideas bubbling about how you can use the new info to make money for yourself and for loved ones.

  • No more feeling frustrated by the unfamiliar – You WILL BE familiar with the whole thing!
  • No more wasted money on courses you can't use – You can use them all now, even the ones you already have!
  • No more looking at “Other People's Success” – You WILL BE enjoying your own success!
  • You WILL understand how to make money from knowledge, even if you don't have any!
  • You WILL understand how all the pieces fit together and how to use them – No more groping in the dark trying and failing.
This course that will change your entire life… is:

I put together the course “StartUP Internet Marketing” to be able to help more people when then need it most… in the BEGINNING. But even if you've been at it a while, you can still profit from the big picture.

It’s everything I wish I knew when I started. 

The Big Picture Plus The Little Details (in context)

I’ll show you how all the parts fit together so you can make informed decisions with confidence… like a veteran internet marketer. This leads to faster profits.

"StartUP Internet Marketing blew my a good way!"
Travis Shain
Gym Owner / Entrepreneur

Take This Course
Before You Take ANY Other Course. Anywhere. Period.

What You Will Learn & Understand:

  • Understand The Big Picture - What NO ONE ELSE IS TEACHING!
    This is the foundation that will allow you to make most any program work and start you on your journey to your dream life.
  • Learn How To Do Niche Research, Evaluation & Selection So You Know What To Sell, How To Sell It and To Make Sure It's Profitable. Profit is required to continue the journey and allows you to enjoy the good life.
  • Learn The Difference Between Affiliate Products - VS. - Your Own Products. Also, What the Pro's and Con's Are Of Each. This is the difference between making a good living and creating your dream life.
  • Learn The Advantages of Digital Products - Vs. - Physical Products. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of both will help you select the lifestyle you most want.
  • Learn What A Sales Funnel Is & What Individual Funnel Pages Do. What Their Function Is And How To Create Them. Nothing happens without them, this is why it is said, "You're Just One Funnel Away" from your dream life.
  • Learn About Traffic Sources - Where Are They? How Do They Compare? Hint: They are not all equal! Some will increase your profits up to 20X another.
  • Learn What Copywrting Is And What Ad Copy Does To Bring You $$... This is the bread and butter of the online marketer. This is why it was first said (before online funnels existed), "Your only one sales letter away"... from your dream life.
  • Learn What Email List Building Is And Why You Want To Do It. Failure to utilize this can be the difference between your dream life and a life of debt.
  • Learn How To Automate Your Email List Building And Why You Want To. This phase allows you to actually ENJOY the dream life. Not being tied to your computer.
  • And more…
“This has got to be, hands down, the most detailed (in a process sense) step by step informational piece of knowledge that I have read in quite some time.

It, very simply, puts the entire process in such a clear order of how AND why. You have taken the guess work out of…’What comes next after I do that’? or ‘How do I pick my niche’? etc..

For me, starting up as a new Affiliate marketer, this information has helped guide me through the overall process of how this works and has taken most of the “scary” out of it as well. I will continue to use this information and reference back to it as needed. Well done!”
Jody Cain

If you're ready to believe in yourself and make that move toward your dream life.

Click the button below and begin your journey. You'll be glad you did.

Get The Mind Of An Internet Marketing Veteran In 1 Week!

Start Learning:
Day 1
  • Introduction

  • Niche Intro
Day 1
2nd Day
  • Niche Research

  • Niche Evaluation

  • Niche Selection
2nd Day
3rd Day
  • Product Type Intro

  • Affiliate Products

  • Your Own Products

  • Two Exceptions

  • Physical Or Digital
3rd Day
4th Day
  • Presentation Notes

  • Physical Products

  • Digital Products

  • Digital File Hosting

  • Video File Hosting
4th Day
5th Day
  • Funnel Pages Intro

  • Sales Funnel

  • Squeeze Page

  • Sales Page

  • Bridge Page
5th Day
6th Day
  • Thank You Page

  • Funnel Page(s) Creation

  • Payment Processor

  • Sales Message
6th Day
7th Day
  • The Offer

  • Ad Copy

  • Re-Cap

  • Traffic Sources
7th Day
8th Day
  • Traffic Analysis

  • List Building

  • Email Automation

  • Close
8th Day

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         Internet Marketing

In this course module I share information I have STILL not found anywhere else.

This course takes you from nothing and explains the big picture so that you can see how all the parts fit together and allows you to know exactly where you will fit yourself in the market of your choice and even how to choose a market to work in. Plus everything listed above! It is almost impossible to be successful online without this understanding. Trying to find success online without this knowledge is like buying a lotto ticket hoping to get rich. Can you do it? Yes. What are your chances?  Don't take chances with your dream. Get the knowledge you need!

EVERYONE Needs this course!

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BONUS #2 – ( FREE! )

Landing Page Profits

In this course, you will learn what a good offer is, what the goal of copywriting is and you will learn my 11+ rules for writing good ad copy.

The information in this course will allow you to write good ad copy even with zero ad writing experience and it will give you the confidence you need to spend money on traffic (Facebook, Google, Solo ads, etc…).

What you will learn…

How To Make An Irresistable Offer.

How To Build Trust And Make The Sale.

What “JUNK” Mail Is – And Is Not.

My 11+ Rules That Make People Want To Give You Money.

What Mistakes To Avoid.

And more…

Regularly $19.94 (FREE – Next 48 hrs. Only!)

BONUS #3 – ( FREE! )

Ad Writing Secret Weapon!

My Notes on Claude Hopkins Scientific Advertising… an Ad Copy book that every great ad copy writer has learned from.

I took all the important points and condensed them into 15 pages for my own easy reference.​

Regularly $9.97 (FREE – Next 48 hrs. Only!)

Total Satisfaction
100% Money Back Guarantee!

I'll earn your TRUST.

Total -

Regularly $69.87($19.98 – Next 48 hrs. Only!)

Enroll before the timer gets to 0:00:00 and Get ALL the benefits listed!

Personal Note:

If everything I've said above doesn't motivate you… well… I honestly don't know how to make the offer any sweeter.

I'm taking all the risk and giving away the farm to try and help you avoid the pain I went through. If that isn't enough, then I wish you the very best on your internet marketing journey.

As always, if you run into trouble and want or need help, you know where to find me.

To Your Success Always,

Kevin Mask
Ad Copy Pro / Internet Marketing Geek
Founder of Expert Ranch Media

Remember, when the timer gets to 0:00:00 this extra-ordinary deal expires for all the reasons I explained above. It would be a shame not to take advantage of this…I  paid more than 140X the price for this information when I started because it DID cost me more than $50,000+ to gain the knowledge!

It's Time To Learn,
So You Can EARN...$$

Enjoy 30 Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee On ALL Courses!

  • Take StartUp Internet Marketing & Learn 10+ years of internet marketing in 1 week!
  • Take StartUp Internet Marketing & Take A Step Towards Your Dream Life. Learn To Sell Knowledge!
  • Take StartUp Internet Marketing & Gain The Confidence You NEED To Crush Online Selling!
  • Take StartUp Internet Marketing & Take A Step Away From Job Slavery (Get Ready To Fire Your Boss).

Expert Ranch Gives You The Education You Need To Grow Your Income And Yourself...

Here Are A Few Other FAQ's We Get A Lot:

How long can I view the course I purchased?

You have lifetime access to any course you purchased and any bonus material that came with it.

What if you were to go out of business?

However unlikely that is.... If it were to happen, we would make your courses downloadable (.pdf) so you could have them for life.

Why don't you make the courses downloadable?

Sadly, we found that when we make them downloadable (.pdf) some morally challenged people would take them and sell them without our permission all over the internet.

When will you have all your courses available online?

We are working on that every day. Keep stopping by and you will see more and more courses from different experts show up.

Do you have an Affiliate Program?

Yes. Here is the link Affiliate Program

Do you have a Mentorship Program?

We currently have private group coaching on Facebook.
Here is the link Private Group Coaching

If I want a refund, how do I get it?

While we are confident you will love your courses, if for some reason you need a refund within your 30 Day Guarantee window. Here is the link Refund Contact

If I want to share my experience with a course, how can I do it?

We welcome ALL experiences and LOVE to hear about positive outcomes. Please use the Contact form to let us know what you would like to share, and we will contact you to arrange receipt of your videos, images or text files.

Expert Ranch Gives You The Education You Need To Grow Your Income And Yourself...


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