My Goal for You…

My Goal for You – Through This Guide

I want to be real clear. I know I sort of went over this in the introduction, but let me state it plainly:

My goal or objective is that you walk away knowing how all the pieces fit together; the pieces you read about, the pieces you learn about in courses or the pieces you take-in through seminars, or even the information you learn while investigating all the internet marketing tools out there.

When you can see the big picture, you will have confidence as you look around at the internet marketing landscape; you will know and understand what you are looking at and why it may or may not be beneficial to you.

When you see a new course, new tool, (new to you), you will know where it fits in the general scheme of things. And you will know what its purpose is.

You will be able to evaluate whether a new course or tool will be able to get you closer to your chosen destination. You will be able to make more intelligent decisions about how you wish to proceed.

Most of all, my goal is to ELIMINATE the frustration you feel that comes from not knowing if you are going the right way or using the right tool.

It’s really a simple process and people make it unnecessarily complicated.

If you’ve been in the internet marketing game for any time, many of the terms used in this book will look familiar and while they look familiar, you may or may not understand how they fit with the other pieces of the game.

By walking you through the process, my desire is that the light will turn on and you will understand exactly where you are in this process, what information you need next and what you need to do next.  Remembering that knowing the right questions is more than 50% of the way to your destination.

After reading this, you will know which questions to ask.