One (1) Hour 50% OFF Extension...

Be Seen
As An Authority In ANY Niche...

Be Seen
As An Authority In ANY Niche...

...Even If You Have ZERO Knowledge Or Experiences In That Niche!

If you have a desire to learn about a topic,
you have more than enough..

If you are expert already,
then you'll have the tools necessary to create your pro-level content quickly and easily.

As you already know…

More Authority equals more Sales… More Sales equals more Freedom… More Freedom equals more Opportunity… More Opportunity equals more Living, Loving, Giving!


And THAT is More Life!

In 30 days or less, in as little a week… you can be cementing your position as an expert in your chosen niche.

No more struggling paycheck to paycheck... How many internet experts struggle for money? Hint: NOT MANY.

You will be able to produce the highest quality, totally unique, most helpful and most desired information products, books, software…etc.; most for literally under $50 AND that includes having it researched, organized, created for you, and packaged so it’s a completely professional end product.

You will be the author (legally) and as such, THE EXPERT and you will get the goodies that go with it…. most notably more money.

Most internet marketers struggle with research and organization of material, so they struggle to create their own product EVEN when they ARE an expert in their niche.

So EVEN if you already are an expert, Instant Expert is for YOU!

How do I know?

I know because I was in the same situation after getting laid off of a good paying job the day I got back from my honeymoon! And this is EXACTLY what I did! I now make my full time income from internet marketing. I've done Amazon FBA (creating my own products in China), Affiliate Marketing (selling others products), My Own Products…etc…

If you want to read about me and see that I know what I'm talking about, you can here (About Me). I have to warn you, it's boring… yawn… The bottom line is I've been at this a long time now and know what I'm talking about.

Just picture this… You want to get into dog training or wood working or internet marketing or almost any niche you can think of…

After a few week, or months, you’re discouraged because you think it’s going to take you YEARS to get enough knowledge and experience to be able to offer any kind of real valuable advice to anyone.

Then you find this ad (you are here now) and it shows you how you can be seen as an expert in just a month (or less)… so you take a chance …after all, you get a 30 day guaranteed refund period to evaluate the product.. you think to yourself, “wow, this guy must be confident, if he’s willing to let me look at it for 30 days and be able to get a refund if I don’t like it!”

You go through the video tutorials that are LOADED with HOW-TO instruction… the more you watch, the more you feel yourself growing more and more confident.

You start to feel like, “I am gonna DO THIS!”

As you're going through the course, you follow the checklist and get your product created which basically only takes a few MINUTES online!

You’re almost silly with joy, excitement, hope and anticipation as you start to apply the techniques you learned and watch your product morph into a 100% TOTALLY UNIQUE expression of yourself, your passion and your skill AND in the process, you learn a TON about the topic you are creating a product around.

You are literally learning as you teach others! Only someone else did all the work for you. It's like the expert does all your research, then some other expert puts it all together in a package so it's completely professional.

All you do is change the pictures, change some of the wording so it is more how you would say it, maybe add your own bit of experience to it and BOOM, it's a brand new product. It has it's own name, it's own style, it's own look, it's own feel…

It’s so easy… you almost feel guilty,

even though it’s 100% legit and legal (you'll even get a contract that spells out your rights to use it as your own!) and MOST successful internet marketers use this method not only when they were starting, but even now as they are successful!

Then you start placing your product links around the internet… you are so excited you can hardly contain yourself…

Then “…chime…” your email or phone alerts you to the fact that you have made a SALE!

And in one sale you made more than the product cost you!

YOU are in information broker now! And information is headed to the $300 BILLION mark in the next decade as self-teaching is eclipsing traditional schooling.

Back to your vision…you get used to the chime, you end up turning it off because it’s beginning to annoy others (not you though.. every chime is MONEY in your account).

After a little while you start shopping for your dream car…

Maybe it’s that sweet Ferrari 458! Maybe it’s a Rolls Royce? Maybe it’s a brand new F-450 Dually with Ferrari pecan leather seats and every option?!

Then you buy it CASH! No loan, you don't need it.

You buy a few more things, then you start to think about others, your family, your friends, others you meet, who you care for…

Then the real fun starts…

You start buying things for other people and it feels AWESOME!

It feels awesome because you know you can afford it and it doesn’t feel like a burden because you have a LOT of money in the bank.

This is the life of the successful internet marketer.

This is your new life.

It feels good doesn’t it!?

  • The Info. Education Business is Skyrocketing... According to Forbes Magazine it is set to reach $325,000,000,000 by 2025

Get your piece of this money pie…get started now.

  • Most Internet Marketers got started with this method, and STILL use it.

Why give up an easy method of content creation / product creation when it has always worked so well and shows no signs of slowing down. You'll never hear them admit it because it defeats the purpose of doing it this way. Just like you never hear of the ghost writers for famous authors.

  • It's Estimated that 42% of ALL online content orginates from this method.

Think about it, if 42% of all online content is generated by experts selling their information, that means that 42% of all the online courses you and I have bought are from a source other than who WE thought was the expert! And I don't know about you, but I've taken some great courses!

  • All Sales are transacted on the basis of trust. Expert Status increases your trust credit or trust fund (pun intended).

If you sell online, you need people to trust you and being an expert seriously elevates that trust level, which means it seriously elevates your sales (income level)!

  • The Wisest man who ever lived, King Solomon, said, "there is nothing new under the sun".

If you take a close look at any specific niche, you will see that it's almost entirely re-packaged information. This isn't a bad thing because sometimes you can only take in or “hear” information presented by a certain personality type or person… So you can profit from helping people “hear” the message they need and want to hear and add your own self-expression to the world.

“This has got to be, hands down, the most detailed (in a process sense) step by step informational piece of knowledge that I have read in quite some time.

It, very simply, puts the entire process in such a clear order of how AND why. You have taken the guess work out of…’What comes next after I do that’? or ‘How do I pick my niche’? etc..

For me, starting up as a new Affiliate marketer, this information has helped guide me through the overall process of how this works and has taken most of the “scary” out of it as well. I will continue to use this information and reference back to it as needed. Well done!”
Jody Cain

The package I put together for you cannot be found ANYWHERE else … because I created this material myself after almost 15 years as an internet marketer.

However, as with all good things… this extra-odinary offer does have an expiration date. 1 HOUR

If you decide you do not want to take me up on my “30 Day Examination” offer within the next (1) hour. The only way you’ll be able to get the course is to pay the regular price.

So here’s what you get if you Enroll within the next (1) Hour…

Remember, evaluate the course for 30 Days to see that it is everything you thought it would be!

In this course, you will be shown how to position yourself as an Instant Expert in any niche you choose, by creating information products using the information of true experts in your niche; only you will be licensed to use your own name as the author!

The information in this book will allow you to do what many believe is impossible… To learn your niche at the same time being considered an expert!

Tired of your niche…want to start up in a new niche? EASY with Instant Expert.

Brand new to internet marketing… want to avoid years of confusion, frustration and lost income? EASY with Instant Expert.

$197.94 (Only $99.49) 50% OFF! For 1 hr. !

I earn your TRUST BEFORE you're committed!

$Priceless  My Promise To You!


$197.94 ( Only $99.49) For 1 hr. !

Enroll before the timer gets to 0:00:00 and Get 50% OFF!

If everything I've said above doesn't sound good to you… well… I honestly don't know how to make the offer any sweeter.

I'm taking all the risk and giving away the farm to try and help you avoid the pain I went through. If that isn't enough, then I wish you the very best on your internet marketing journey.

As always, if you run into trouble and want or need help, you know where to find me.

To Your Success Always,

Kevin Mask
Ad Copy Pro / Internet Marketing Geek
Founder of Expert Ranch Media

Remember, when the timer gets to 0:00:00 this extra-ordinary deal expires for all the reasons I explained before. It would be a shame not to take advantage of this…I actually paid almost 400X the price for this information to learn it and it took me years to learn it. You can do it in less than 30 Days!


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