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Facebook Field Guide

Everything You Need To Know

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to set up and optimize Facebook Ads. You will understand how the entire process works.

The information in this course will allow you to fire your ad agency! Or at the very least be much more able to supervise and direct your wishes.

If you are not very creative, you may still need someone to design ads, but it's a whole lot less expensive to hire Facebook Ad designers on or than to hire an ad agency.

What you will learn…

  • How To Get Started With Facebook Ads.
  • How To Use The Facebook Ad Manager.
  • How To Optimize Your Ad Design.
  • How To Utilize Custom & Lookalike Audience Targeting.
  • How to Utilize Re-targeting.
  • How to Split Test Your Ads.
  • How to Utilize Dynamic Ads.
  • How to Create A Successful Lead Funnel.
  • And more…
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